Brand story

Minne is Japan’s largest C2C handmade marketplace, where people can display, sell and buy handmade crafts, such as accessories, fashion goods, food, interior furniture, etc..


Minne aimed to increase the awareness of its site and encourage people to use its service. While minne wanted to drive as many app installs as possible, it also wanted to keep the costs down by optimizing cost per install (CPI) with a cross-device approach.


With the help from Appier’s AI algorithms, minne identified high-value audiences who were most likely to download minne’s app and use it.

Appier’s AI also optimized the campaign to target users who were more likely to make in-app purchases, and used frequency data to build profiles of high-value users for future targeting.


Minne’s return on ad spend (ROAS) through Appier’s platform outperformed its existing campaigns on other platforms by 150%.

The number of the app installs increased by roughly 400% over the three-months campaign period, while CPI dropped.

The lower costs minne achieved with Appier enabled it to reduce the total amount of marketing budget it devoted to driving installs by a dramatic 43%.

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