Brand story

Minne, Japan’s largest consumer to consumer (C2C) marketplace for handmade goods, offers a variety of products, including accessories, stationery, household goods and food. It provides users with an easy platform to display, sell, and purchase products.


Minne’s marketing team wished to make use of data from its customer relationship management and on customers’ app behaviors, to predict and reach active users, and thereby increase trading volumes and revenues.

The team distributed advertising on Facebook to target user segments, but it wanted to know the optimal way to further expand the audience for distribution.


  • Re-engagement: Minne’s marketing team planned a cross-sell campaign to encourage purchases in specific product categories. It used AIXON’s conversion prediction brain to identify users who had no history of purchasing, and carried out a push notification campaign to introduce them to the categories (in this case food) always in high demand.
  • New user acquisition: the marketing team planned an app installation advertising campaign to acquire new users. It used AIXON’s conversion prediction brain to identify target audiences with high purchasing intent, and created user segments for ad distribution on Facebook.


cross-sell has seen increased trading volumes and revenues through AI-powered re-engagement and app installation campaigns.

  • Re-engagement: The app push notifications sent to the targeted users had an open rate approximately 2.8 times higher and a conversion rate approximately 3 times higher than randomly selected user groups.
  • New user acquisition: With an almost identical cost per install, the campaign managed to acquire 3 times the number of installations and 2.4 times the revenues, compared to before the use of AIXON.

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