Estée Lauder

Brand story

Estée Lauder is a global beauty and skincare brand popular around the world.


Estée Lauder wanted to raise brand awareness among young women online, drive mailing list sign-ups, and encourage the audience to leave contact information to redeem samples across all devices. It also wanted to keep costs down by optimizing both cost per click (CPC) and cost per lead (CPL).


Estée Lauder worked with Appier to apply CrossX AI to identify all the devices owned by individual users. It used CrossX Lookalike feature to discover new, high-value, young audiences from the profiles stored in the CrossX database with data collected from over 3,000 campaigns run by Appier. It also shortened the time to conversion among valuable users who were interested in Estée Lauder by using CrossX Remarketing and Frequency Capping.


Estée Lauder discovered that more consumers who left contact information on the campaign site by clicking cosmetic ads rather than skincare ads. These consumers displayed a higher likelihood to redeem the cosmetic samples at a physical store. The success equation for Estée Lauder to acquire new customers effortlessly is to retarget cosmetic lovers with skincare ads.

A long-term partnership with Appier enabled Estée Lauder to nurture and build a high-value audience pool, effectively boosting cross-screen conversion by 300% to 1100% compared to single-screen.

Compared to its KPIs, Estée Lauder successfully:

  • Reduced CPC by 43%
  • Reduced CPL by 63%
  • Increased the number of clicks by 74%
  • Increased the number of leads by 167%

The cross-screen conversion across 3 devices was:

  • 11 times higher than the conversions on PC
  • 4 times higher than the conversion on tablet
  • 3 time higher than the conversions on smartphone

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