An App Advertising Automation Assistant, which utilizes AI to help you EASILY scale campaigns with performance.
An App Advertising Automation Assistant, which utilizes AI to help you EASILY scale campaigns with performance.
Key Benefits of AIXPERT
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Eliminate wasted time and budget from trial and error
AIXPERT automates routine tasks and optimizes budget management to minimize wasted time and money.
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Uncover hidden segments to expand your audience reach
AIXPERT analyzes thousands of segment possibilities and provides you with the best-performing segments.
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An automated, all-in-one platform
A simple, user-friendly interface to set goals, manage AI and view cross-platform performance simultaneously.
Automated App Advertising Assistant
Automated App Advertising Assistant
The Features of AIXPERT
Discover High-Value Users With AI Segmentation
AIXPERT enables you to unify data and uncover the best segments for each platform, ranked by the pool size and performance to help you achieve the best campaign results at scale.
Optimize Your Campaign With AI Suggestions
Adjust your campaigns with AI-powered suggestions based on historical data and real-time performance.
Automate Your Ad Operations With AI
Save time by automating your daily routines like budget management, bidding adjustment, segment testing and more.
Prevent Overspend With AI Safeguard
Use our customized AI Safeguard to avoid platforms from “accidentally” overspending your money.
Gain Insights With Cross-Platform Reports
Gain valuable insight into how segments, creatives and workflows work across platforms, and find out what works best for your campaign.


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Success Stories
A world-renowned photo app grows its business with AIXPERT
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The photo app wanted to optimize and scale its user acquisition (UA) marketing campaigns across channels within its budget.
AIXPERT enabled the app to automate budget allocation across platforms, and make better decisions with AI-based suggestions, such as audience segments.
The app significantly improved its UA performance, including a 3X jump in installs and 30% reduction in CPI via effective use of AI to uncover insights and automate operations.
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